A Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Tool for Nightlife Businesses - Nocto's Business Platform

All successful businesses exist because of the problems that they solve. To solve a problem, you must understand the problem. The Nocto app collects a large amount of real-time and location-based statistics and data, that can be used to help you understand your audience demographics and to understand their behavior. From this we can come up with practical and implementable solutions to target the issues that appear, and to emphasize what people love about your venue.

How to bring venues and their audience closer together?

By analyzing your customers through the app data, you can connect with them in a smart way. Nocto’s Business Platform is a data-driven marketing and customer-relationship-management tool specifically designed for Venues (bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels) and Groups (artists, event organizers and festivals).

Since the people want experiences, and venues want to offer experiences, the ideal solution enables and improves mutual communication about what experiences are offered, and what experiences are desired. Nocto’s concept of earning Nocs and buying Deals wouldn’t work without engaged users and verified venues that offer Deals to the users in exchange for the Nocs.

The Business Platform focuses on creating an understanding of 3 elements: audience behaviors, audience demographics and audience desires. With all the information collected by the app, and the content uploaded into the app, the business platform provides the venues and groups with the ability to understand & connect with their audience.

The platform features the following sections and features:

  • Dashboard: A clear and effective overview of the most important metrics and moments
  • Insights:  Ability to review and reuse user generated content from within your venue.
  • Events: Ability to add and edit Events to ensure your events are being seen by potential clients.
  • Deals: Ability to offer Deals, edit offered Deals and review the history log of Deal transactions.
  • Premium: Premium features such as: Statistics, Protocols, Boosting Events and Overview Report
  • Settings: Ability to update Settings, change password, read FAQ and contacting Nocto admin.

Through the venues that are already verified, the following statistics have already been achieved:

  • 3,250+ Insights Posted
  • 1,250+ Deals Bought
  • 12,000+ Active Nocs
  • 45,000+ Featured Events

How Much Does It Cost? Setting up an account is free of charge and gives you access to all the tabs. The Premium features can be bought on top of the basic features for a small price. The Nocs that the venues have collected can be used to reduce the price in € of the premium features.

How Do Venues Earn Nocs? As Nocto does with people, Nocto rewards venues who contribute to the growth of the community. Venues can earn Nocs by:

  • Offering Deals – The venue earns the Nocs that the users spend at their venue.
  • Taking Action – Nocto rewards venues for: adding Events, offering Deals, sharing Nocto’s online posts, using & spreading Nocto’s offline material and implementing Nocto’s widget on the venue’s website.
  • Completing Achievements (Coming Soon) – – Venues can complete a series of challenges to earn additional Nocs.

Premium Features The premium features that venues can spend their Nocs on are:

  • Statistics -
  • Protocols -
  • Boost Events -
  • Rewards

If you are interested and want to learn more about each premium feature, please contact m.brouwers@noctoapp.com for more detailed information. You can already sign your business up at www.noctoapp.club to access the Business Platform.

“After our first meeting with David regarding Nocto we were amazed. This is a great feature not only for locals but especially for international guests travelling from one city to another. We immediately decided to support Nocto and to be a part of this. It is a great tool to connect our guests with the local people and to inform people about IBIS Rotterdam City Centre.”

- Remco van der Jagt, General Manager within Accor Hotels

Within the past few years, social media has become an important marketing tool and created new jobs within larger firms; however, it is very time-consuming to be present on all different outlets and managers usually choose to focus on one platform. Focus on NOCTO because through our platform, users become promoters that create content for your establishment and attract more visitors for you.

“Understand, connect with and please your audience.”

Check out our https://www.noctoapp.club or contact us at info@noctoapp.com for any questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback!